Without Maury

I had a chance to take a two-day workshop with showrunner Mark McKinney where we wrote for Less Than Kind and had a few members of the cast read.

I’d be watching this show no matter where it was set or shot … but it truly is Canada’s best tv show. I have a couple of friends who work on Less Than Kind and I think they’ll look back on their contribution with great pride for many years.

Now they have to shoot Season 3 without their patriarch, on- and off-set.

It’s early days

But I figure getting into the habit of posting is part of the start-up process, isn’t it? So the plan is to offer a “writer’s website” for folks… as part of my entire screenwriter fraud   persona   identity. Somewhere to share some thoughts, but also to post some marketing materials, once those materials are ready. We’ll see.

Should be a grand adventure!