Cover Revealed! À la Peanut Butter Sandwichès!


Here it is! The official cover reveal for No Escape From Greatness!

Thanks to the amazing Jamis Paulson at Turnstone Press for his great design work and vision.

The book will launch in March 2016 and we have lots of cool markety things planned, not the least of which is a series of dramatized book excerpts featuring some of my friends!

I’m really excited to get to next year. I want you to come to my book events-slash-readings-slash-launches and be entertained. Be happy you hung out for an hour or two. Happy enough that buying the book seems like fair cop for the entertainment. Maybe even worth giving it a read.

Okay actually I want you to read the hell out of the book talk about it and make that connection with me, but that’s the whole reason why I’m doing this in the first place. You should know that. I’m not an egotistical guy. Really I’m not. What?!

Well peeps? What do you think about this cover? I’ll tell you what I think after I hear what you think.



Book it! March 2016!


My novel, No Escape From Greatness, will be available in March 2016 from Turnstone Press at a fine bookseller near you.

The official launch will take place March 24 at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, so save the date! I’ve got some trailers in the hopper as well, featuring some amazing Winnipeg talent. Coming soon.

Obviously I will get annoyingly repetitive about this in the weeks and months ahead.

In other news, I still plan to do some things that scare me in the very near future. Stay tuned on all fronts.



So I went to the store this morning, tired of all the restaurant food and with autumn in my bones. I bought a couple of roasting chickens and some rosemary and headed home.  The heat’s not on yet in the apartment so it was the perfect time to set the oven and let it warm up the place. It was also a great way to stay busy as the afternoon loomed.

I made this.

Roast chicken with garlic and rosemary, coated with housemade chili-rosemary oil and seasoned to perfection.

I tried not to think about what I was planning to do this afternoon.

Instead, I did some laundry, discovered I had left a bunch of clothes in a drawer in my hotel last week, and made this:

Chili-rosemary-garlic chicken stock. Ready for souping.

Instead of getting myself together and heading out to the thing I was planning to do today, I went to BMC with the writer Jeffrey Solmundson and ate this:

Chicken tinga tacos with homemade tortillas and pico.

Which is all quite fitting, really, because instead of going to the Common Crow Improv Drop-In do to improv for the first time ever, I was this:


The Takeaways (that’s a wrap on Totally Television)


I’m only beginning to fathom what I am taking away from this past week. I’m just going to list it:

  • a better concept
  • a better script
  • a better pitch
  • a stronger team
  • a day of heaven, breaking the story of the pilot and riffing with Jeff Biederman
  • a second day of thinking and talking and working like a TV writer with Biederman, which I think is the thing I ought to be doing with my life
  • a rudimentary understanding of how to win 30 percent of the time at Soul Calibur 4
  • probably a little less humble (some of you will be wondering if that is even possible)
  • lots of meetings when the time is right
  • a few connections rekindled, a lot more made
  • way better understanding of the business and how I fit into it
  • a belief that I fit into it.

We all worked our asses of this week. I am super glad my colleagues are who they are, and I wish them all the best as their careers blossom and alight in all kinds of great directions! You’ll be hearing from them soon!

In the meantime, go watch Eadweard when it comes to your town! 

Do the thing that scares you most (Totally Television Day 5)


That means a few things for me. Before the end of the year, it’ll mean doing a standup comedy act somewhere anonymous and dropping in on some improv. And, you know, launch a book with a full multi-media presentation that includes reading and entertaining a crowd for maybe 45 minutes.

But this week, it means pitching to Canadian tv industry executives and professionals. It means making a 30-second pitch, a 5-minute pitch, a 20-minute pitch. It means hearing yourself brag over and over until you do it right!

Going into the home stretch of Totally Television, we have spent a lot of time working on those pitches with the help of the amazing Morwyn Brebner. We also got to speak with development execs from all of the broadcasters, VPs from Temple Street, the CEO of Shaftesbury, and Glenn Cockburn of Meridian Agents. Kind of a big day!

Back to the lab to work on the pitches for our final day tomorrow!

All about the biz – Totally Television Day 4


Today, among all the many things we got to do,  we had a little chat with to one of Canadian TV’s most influential people.

You know. No big deal. Just Tassie Cameron.

TASSIE FRICKIN CAMERON. This program is amazing!

The Rookie Blue/Flashpoint showrunner (and daughter of On The Take author Stevie Cameron, who knew?) spent some time with us today, and I really loved the intimate conversation we as a group got to have. Tassie has a way of putting you at ease, even when you’re pitching her your project.

It occurred to me that, even though I’m nowhere near as accomplished as she is, and likely never will be, our views on story and the emotional truth that you need to find within each story to make it authentic are basically identical. Maybe that’s why I’m a fan of her writing. Because it’s true, even in a cop show. Authentically human.

I was also really heartened by her approach to working with writers to develop new voices and help noobs move ahead in their burgeoning careers.

It was also super amazing to hear from Ilana Miller from the Hollyer Agency (who reps a friend of mine!), talking digital with Marcia Douglas and Chris Harris (whose Emmy-winning Secret Location did a virtual reality feature at ComicCon for Sleepy Hollow), and watching my partner David scribble notes intently as Frank Manzo from National Bank explained TV financing.

Another great one! And great collaborations on story notes by all the teams, so many thanks to all!

A Case Of The Tuesdays – Totally Television Day 3


We have lost track of all time and have no idea what day of the week it is. I have had to ask three people whether or not today is Tuesday.

It’s going good. That’s a good sign. It’s a little bit like Stockholm Syndrome, I think. You’ve been kidnapped by your show and your captors (and classmates) are beginning to feel like old friends you’ve lived with your entire life.

Of course, Stockholm Syndrome is only bad if you’re not the victim. So it’s generally a happy feeling.

After more valuable and productive time with our story editor, Jeff Biederman, we have a solid new pilot with a focus cast of characters and promising sample episodes. We’re honing our pitch tonight. And we got to spend some time with entertainment lawyer Gigi Morin to make sure we are practicing CYA!

One last link – people have asked about the show we’re developing. I’ll tell you that it’s based on this National Post article, and the “oh shit” look the parents offered the photographer. That’s what Split Level is about. :)

Totally Television Day 2 – Plots Are Hatched


I might be running out of words today because we have gone through a lot of them!

Day 2 has been great, but it’s not over. David (Zellis) and I are just about to embark on an evening of pitch prep and pilot outlining as I write this, and we’re already exhilarated and exhausted at the same time from an incredibly productive day of story work with our story editor, Jeff Biederman.

We’ve effectively scrapped our existing pitch and pilot and come up with something we believe to be a lot stronger. But now we have to get it written up, and quick! Pitching happens every day during boot camp, and Jeff B is only available to us for another day. So our fresh beats need to be spun into an outline like now, yo.

Great talk this morning from Corrie Coe of Bell as well, focused mainly on the changes within the industry in the wake of the CRTC’s March announcement.

Back to the grindstone!

(and loving it)

Totally Television Day 1: David Barlow

Screenwriter and educator David Barlow.

Whew! What a whirlwind first day!

After introductions and some last-minute arrivals from jet-setters who rolled in from far-flung places like New York, Vancouver and Aurora, longtime writer and educator David Barlow helped each of us dig into our projects.

It began with logline crafting and revising. Of course, this ain’t my first rodeo, but David (Zellis, my producer) and I once again succeeded in having the most succinct logline, proving that there is still much to learn. As the day went on, we tweaked and revised and discussed and elevated, and I think we have a pretty solid grasp of what needs to be in there.

One of the several clips David showed us today was from the first episode of Modern Family, as an example of how to successfully set up the story world, characters, goals, conflict and format of the show. For Modern Family, they did it all in a little over three minutes.

I got some revising to do. Lots of pilot story notes today, too.

We spent loads of time on pitches today, too, which is a definite point of emphasis for me. I loved what David Barlow had to say about relatability and flexibility in a pitch. I’ll be taking a lot out of today. Not the least of which will be that I met a guy who co-created Seeing Things and was a writer on King of Kensington!!

We talked about everything from soup to nuts today and it’s all just sinking in. I feel so blessed to be a part of this and to have met everyone today.

Tomorrow we meet our story editor, the amazing Jeff Biederman!

Screenwriter and educator David Barlow.
Screenwriter and educator David Barlow