Ho man. I am beyond stoked. But also quite afraid. It’s not even a subconscious fear… I am totally afraid of success and I know it. The feelings of fraudulence aren’t even secret. And we haven’t even gone to Toronto yet.

I should back up.

So my producer friend David Zellis and I were accepted into NSI’s Totally Television program. We’re one of five teams, each team with a writer and producer, and each team with a complete television show package they’re looking to elevate and sell so they can be Canadian tv creators.

It’s a 10-month course and at the end, two teams will be selected to go to the Banff World Media Conference to pitch their show. To start off, beginning this Sunday, we’re in the Big Smoke for a week of “boot camp,” featuring loads of industry types imparting their wisdom on us. It’s just an amazing opportunity, as well as a back door to get into the business. Less Than Kind and Todd and the Book of Pure Evil were both Totally TV shows, among many others. We have a shot to change our lives here. But we also have to compete with our classmates, in a sense, if we want to get to Banff.

And that is frickin scary as frick.

Last night, our assigned mentor/story editor, Jeff Biederman, gave us some great notes on the pilot and pitch. I’m going to rewrite the pilot between now and Sunday and just put all of my nervous energy where I usually put it: coming up with yarns.

More bloggitude to follow

PS Wifey is blogging too! Check out her yoga blogicle here

PPS Kiddo is developing a standup act for her class. Two minutes of being a comedian. The title of her presentation is “I’m selling my pets.”



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