Whew! What a whirlwind first day!

After introductions and some last-minute arrivals from jet-setters who rolled in from far-flung places like New York, Vancouver and Aurora, longtime writer and educator David Barlow helped each of us dig into our projects.

It began with logline crafting and revising. Of course, this ain’t my first rodeo, but David (Zellis, my producer) and I once again succeeded in having the most succinct logline, proving that there is still much to learn. As the day went on, we tweaked and revised and discussed and elevated, and I think we have a pretty solid grasp of what needs to be in there.

One of the several clips David showed us today was from the first episode of Modern Family, as an example of how to successfully set up the story world, characters, goals, conflict and format of the show. For Modern Family, they did it all in a little over three minutes.

I got some revising to do. Lots of pilot story notes today, too.

We spent loads of time on pitches today, too, which is a definite point of emphasis for me. I loved what David Barlow had to say about relatability and flexibility in a pitch. I’ll be taking a lot out of today. Not the least of which will be that I met a guy who co-created Seeing Things and was a writer on King of Kensington!!

We talked about everything from soup to nuts today and it’s all just sinking in. I feel so blessed to be a part of this and to have met everyone today.

Tomorrow we meet our story editor, the amazing Jeff Biederman!

Screenwriter and educator David Barlow.
Screenwriter and educator David Barlow

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