We have lost track of all time and have no idea what day of the week it is. I have had to ask three people whether or not today is Tuesday.

It’s going good. That’s a good sign. It’s a little bit like Stockholm Syndrome, I think. You’ve been kidnapped by your show and your captors (and classmates) are beginning to feel like old friends you’ve lived with your entire life.

Of course, Stockholm Syndrome is only bad if you’re not the victim. So it’s generally a happy feeling.

After more valuable and productive time with our story editor, Jeff Biederman, we have a solid new pilot with a focus cast of characters and promising sample episodes. We’re honing our pitch tonight. And we got to spend some time with entertainment lawyer Gigi Morin to make sure we are practicing CYA!

One last link – people have asked about the show we’re developing. I’ll tell you that it’s based on this National Post article, and the “oh shit” look the parents offered the photographer. That’s what Split Level is about. 🙂


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