Today, among all the many things we got to do,  we had a little chat with to one of Canadian TV’s most influential people.

You know. No big deal. Just Tassie Cameron.

TASSIE FRICKIN CAMERON. This program is amazing!

The Rookie Blue/Flashpoint showrunner (and daughter of On The Take author Stevie Cameron, who knew?) spent some time with us today, and I really loved the intimate conversation we as a group got to have. Tassie has a way of putting you at ease, even when you’re pitching her your project.

It occurred to me that, even though I’m nowhere near as accomplished as she is, and likely never will be, our views on story and the emotional truth that you need to find within each story to make it authentic are basically identical. Maybe that’s why I’m a fan of her writing. Because it’s true, even in a cop show. Authentically human.

I was also really heartened by her approach to working with writers to develop new voices and help noobs move ahead in their burgeoning careers.

It was also super amazing to hear from Ilana Miller from the Hollyer Agency (who reps a friend of mine!), talking digital with Marcia Douglas and Chris Harris (whose Emmy-winning Secret Location did a virtual reality feature at ComicCon for Sleepy Hollow), and watching my partner David scribble notes intently as Frank Manzo from National Bank explained TV financing.

Another great one! And great collaborations on story notes by all the teams, so many thanks to all!


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