That means a few things for me. Before the end of the year, it’ll mean doing a standup comedy act somewhere anonymous and dropping in on some improv. And, you know, launch a book with a full multi-media presentation that includes reading and entertaining a crowd for maybe 45 minutes.

But this week, it means pitching to Canadian tv industry executives and professionals. It means making a 30-second pitch, a 5-minute pitch, a 20-minute pitch. It means hearing yourself brag over and over until you do it right!

Going into the home stretch of Totally Television, we have spent a lot of time working on those pitches with the help of the amazing Morwyn Brebner. We also got to speak with development execs from all of the broadcasters, VPs from Temple Street, the CEO of Shaftesbury, and Glenn Cockburn of Meridian Agents. Kind of a big day!

Back to the lab to work on the pitches for our final day tomorrow!


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