I’m only beginning to fathom what I am taking away from this past week. I’m just going to list it:

  • a better concept
  • a better script
  • a better pitch
  • a stronger team
  • a day of heaven, breaking the story of the pilot and riffing with Jeff Biederman
  • a second day of thinking and talking and working like a TV writer with Biederman, which I think is the thing I ought to be doing with my life
  • a rudimentary understanding of how to win 30 percent of the time at Soul Calibur 4
  • probably a little less humble (some of you will be wondering if that is even possible)
  • lots of meetings when the time is right
  • a few connections rekindled, a lot more made
  • way better understanding of the business and how I fit into it
  • a belief that I fit into it.

We all worked our asses of this week. I am super glad my colleagues are who they are, and I wish them all the best as their careers blossom and alight in all kinds of great directions! You’ll be hearing from them soon!

In the meantime, go watch Eadweard when it comes to your town! 


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