Holy crap holy crap holy crap the day is finally here.

Am I going to entertain? Are people going to remember? Will they just sit there waiting to get out of there, uncomfortable because they feel co-opted by social obligation?

No. They want to be there. Nobody forced em. Appreciate that.

Will this little birdie fly? Will it get airborne and then dive? Will it get lucky enough to make it to places I’ve never been? Will it take me places?

When do I start birthin the next one?

Honestly, days like today, I can’t wait to get into them. Once the moment has arrived, it’s like auto-pilot. You’re just present. You’re part of the moment itself, selfless and nearly automatic, part of the connection. That part is a piece of cake.

It’s the waiting and the prepping. I put together a little talk for tonight, like a TED talk, maybe a JEFF talk. Yeah. So some proselytizing with slides, then a short film premiere, then a reading, then a signing. Suddenly my book launch is a variety show.

Then what?

THEN     WHAT    ?????



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