Hey guys. Lots of great feedback on No Escape from Greatness, and it feels really great. Thanks for reading it, to all who have!

It’s time to try and get more people to know about the book, and the best way to do that in 2016 is by taking advantage of Amazon’s algorithms when it comes to reviews. It appears that more people will “stumble” upon the book if more people have reviewed it on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

Specifically, if 50 or 100 people post reviews – even if they didn’t like the book! – Amazon will give it a promotional bump.

So I’m starting a campaign to get No Escape from Greatness some review love on Amazon!

I’m giving away an Amazon gift card worth $50 if we reach 50 reviews on Amazon. If we get to 100 in 2016, I’ll give away two. I mean, it’s crazy, but I will leave the gift-card-making machine on all night and give away a card for every 50 reviews the book gets. So come on down!

We’ll try to wrap it up in time for the winner to do some Christmas shopping with it.

Please tell your friends. The review doesn’t have to be long! It just has be words and a rating. (I love 5 stars but any rating will do!)

You’ll find some details on the ol’ Facebook page: RIGHT HERE

And here’s a shortcut to the Amazon page – scroll down and you’ll find a button to post a review: AMAZON PAGE

Thank you!




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